Beauty Lovers. Welcome Home

Why VAMS? Because Empowered Women Empower Women.

In a world where self-love is often mistaken for vanity, we're flipping the script.
At VAMS, we unapologetically embrace our love for skincare and the love we hold for ourselves. We empower all of you, our community, to see your own beauty as you see it in the people you love. Our mission is to embolden women to chase their dreams, shatter barriers, and craft heart-driven beauty and wellness brands infused with passion and purpose.

A Community of Dreamers, Doers, and Difference-Makers.

We understand the late nights, the tears, the anxiety—the rollercoaster journey that is balancing your career with the other parts of your world. That's why VAMS is more than just a beauty shop. It's a supportive ecosystem where like-minded women come together, lift each other up, and show themselves and each other that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Celebrating Diversity, Championing Inclusivity.

At VAMS, we believe in the power of diversity and the beauty of inclusivity. We’re proud to stock Aboriginal owned and Black owned female-led beauty brands. We're distinct—a platform for change, a haven for underrepresented voices, and a unique marketplace where female-founded brands get the recognition they deserve.

Introducing Our Founder