All You Need to Know About Colloidal Oatmeal in Skincare

Jun 19, 2024

What is Colloidal Oatmeal?

Nope, we're not talking about overnight oats, this stuff is for external use only.
It's basically your everyday oat kernels, ground so finely that they transform into a power-packed powder. Packed with proteins, lipids, and vital nutrients, colloidal oatmeal creates a soothing barrier on the skin. Its superpower lies in calming dry, itchy, or irritated skin, while also providing essential moisture and maintaining the skin's natural pH balance.

So, when we talk about colloidal oatmeal, we’re talking about nature’s own skin remedy for anyone struggling with skin concerns like:

  • Keratosis pilaris, strawberry skin
  • Bumpy, textured or rough skin
  • Eczema
  • Buttne and back acne
  • Acne, scarring & blemishes
  • Inflamed & irritated skin
  • Weakened skin barrier 
  • Dry flaky skin

Colloidal Oatmeal is The Sensitive Skin’s BFF: If your skin throws a tantrum at the mere thought of trying new products, colloidal oatmeal might just be the gentle hero you need. It’s known for its skin calming properties, making it a favorite for those with sensitive skin.

A Skin Remedy for Bumpy & Irritated Skin That Comes in Delicious Formulas

We've already sang the praises of colloidal oatmeal, but let's get specific. Here at Vams Beauty, we stock Oat Body Skincare. It's in the name, the whole range is infused with colloidal oatmeal goodness. These products are not just soothing but also effective in exfoliating and moisturizing. These skin benefits are key in managing conditions like keratosis pilaris. Why? Because the gentle exfoliation helps to unclog pores and smoothen skin bumps, while the deeply moisturizing natural oils keep your skin supple and less prone to dryness.

The Oat Body Colloidal Oatmeal Collection

Oat Body Skincare offers a wide range of products that come in tantalizing scents and are perfect for sensitive skin. All products are entirely natural and completely preservative free, vegan-friendly, not tested on animals, and proudly made in Australia by a pharmacist.

First up is The 2 in 1 Face Scrub and Mask $45

Jar of Oatbody Skincare, 2-in-1 Face Scrub and Mask, 100g. Soft pink container with shiny gold cap, labeled with product name, weight, and origin.

This glow infusing dual-purpose mask features the natural power of Colloidal Oatmeal as the hero ingredient. Infused with a unique blend of super skin loving ingredients like Ivory Australian Clay, Organic Rosehip Seeds, Rice Powder, and a medley of fruit enzymes including Raspberry Seed Powder, Mango Seed Powder, Kiwi, and Pineapple extracts.

Oasis Face Oil $45

Oatbody Oasis Face Oil in a pink dropper bottle, labeled as a finalist for the 2023 SHE-Com Awards, featuring a rich blend of oat, jojoba, argan, and rosehip oils, designed for all skin types and made in Australia.

Infused with natural oat extract, this lightweight, non-greasy facial oil deeply nourishes and boosts skin radiance, locking in essential hydration. Perfect for all skin types, it reduces fine lines, soothes inflammation, helps treat eczema and enhances skin's natural glow. Vegan, cruelty-free, and made with organic ingredients.

Body Scrubs with Colloidal Oatmeal That Smell Good Enough To Eat

Exfoliating Body Scrub - Chocoholic $26.95

A bag of Oatbody Skincare's 'Chocoholic' body scrub with a playful warning 'CAUTION… I BREAK FOR CHOCOLATE,' against a soft pink background. The product is a gentle body scrub, this product help with bumpy, rough, and dry skin.

Here's why this is our best selling body scrub:

  • Expertly tackles keratosis pilaris
  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks
  • Gently buffs away dead skin cells
  • Infused with a rich blend of natural nourishing oils
  • Boosts hydration into your skin for a radiant, healthy glow
  • Smells delicious

Packed with hero ingredients like Cacao and Colloidal Oatmeal, made to deliver the softest, smoothest, and most supple skin, this body scrub is a must-have for even the most sensitive skin!

Please note: This product is not suitable for those with nut allergies or sensitivity to the listed ingredients. We recommend a patch test; wait 24 hours and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Exfoliating Body Scrub - Coffee Indulgence $21.95

A bag of Oatbody Skincare's 'Coffee Indulgence' body scrub packaging with 'BUT FIRST… COFFEE' slogan on a peachy background, flanked by natural ingredients like ground coffee, oats, macadamia nuts. The product is a gentle body scrub, this product help with bumpy, rough, and dry skin.

Enriched with all-natural, antioxidant-rich oils including Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Olive, Argan, and Hazelnut, this coffee scrub deeply moisturizes and replenishes your skin. The synergistic effect of colloidal oatmeal and coffee provides an extra level of exfoliation, ensuring your skin is left bump free, smooth, and moisturized.

Exfoliating Body Scrub - Feelin' Peachy $24.95

Oatbody Skincare's 'Feelin' Peachy' body scrub package with a catchy phrase 'SCRUB, RINSE, SHINE, GLOW.' displayed alongside a fresh peach on a modern, neutral-toned background. The product is a gentle body scrub, this product helps with bumpy, rough, dry skin, strawberry skin, and keratosis pillaris.

Feelin' Peachy is packed with a blend of nourishing oils, including Rosehip Seed, Grapeseed, Pomegranate Seed, Coconut, Jojoba, Marula, and Squalane Oils, ensuring deep hydration and a healthy glow. And yes it smells good enough eat!

Exfoliating Body Scrub - Sweet Vanilla Escape $24.95

Sweet Vanilla Escape body scrub by Oatbody Skincare, a luxurious organic exfoliant, with a heap of natural scrub and vanilla pods on a soft pink background. The product is a gentle body scrub, this product helps with bumpy, rough, dry skin, strawberry skin, and keratosis pillaris.

Sweet Vanilla Escape body scrub is more than a scrub; it's a sensory delight. Infused with the delicious aroma of Vanilla, a unique blend of Colloidal Oatmeal, Brown Sugar, and Pink Himalayan Salt, combined with Olive, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Marula Oils, it nourishes and exfoliates your skin with natural antioxidants.

Want to try all them all?

Exfoliating Body Scrubs Bundle $89.95

Range of Oatbody Skincare exfoliating body scrubs including Sweet Vanilla Escape, Feelin' Peachy, Chocoholic, and Coffee Indulgence in pastel-colored pouches. The product is a gentle body scrub, this product helps with bumpy, rough, dry skin, strawberry skin, and keratosis pillaris.

These products not only address the texture and hydration needs of your skin but also cater to sensitivity, making them a great choice for those battling redness and inflammation. Whether it’s smoothing out bumps, calming redness, or just giving your skin some TLC, colloidal oatmeal is here to transform your skincare routine!

Remember: Oats Aren't Just for Breakfast! Oat Body Exfoliating Scrubs are vegan, cruelty-free, woman-owned, and Australian-made. Oat Body creates formulations that are 100% preservative-free, fragrance-free, suitable for all skin types, and specifically designed for sensitive skin.

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